Untitled, a painting by Victoria Morton, is the Featured Work for September. Victoria Morton has described her paintings as ‘… hovering on the borderline between kitsch and playfulness’. Untitled is a good example of such a work – here is a composition that offers glimpses of figuration, yet remains abstract.


© Victoria Morton

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Overlapping pools and delicate veils of predominantly red and pink, Untitled’s composition suggests a shallow recessive space that seems to dilate and collapse before our eyes. Small orbs of colour, one yellow, one red, disrupt the uncertain space, acting as reference points that pin our eyes to light and dark areas of paint.

Morton sees her work as constructing a ‘narrative of sensations’ in which personal and historical references collide. By filling the canvas with layers of colour and interlocking forms, she creates an expansive space that envelops and overwhelms. The visual impact of this deluge of colour reflects Morton’s interest in the non-verbal expressive qualities of music, and her belief that a painting, like a piece of music, can resonate on a psychological, physical and theoretical level.

Morton’s paintings appear spontaneous or improvised, but stem from her experience and understanding of both art and music – she is a member of the all-female, Glaswegian experimental art-rock band Muscles of Joy.

In recent installations, Morton has united her paintings with found objects as diverse as a painted headboard, a dress draped on a metal frame, and a battered wooden stepladder. By incorporating such ordinary objects, she emphasises the ‘everyday-ness’ of her work in a compelling way to suggest that painting belongs in the real world rather than the museum.

Victoria Morton studied for a BA and MFA at Glasgow School of Art. Recent solo shows in London include My Mother was a Reeler at etro, London; and Spoken Yeahs from a Distance at Sadie Coles HQ (both 2016). International solo exhibitions of Morton’s work include Mouth Wave, Rat Hole Gallery, Tokyo (2014); Tapestry (Radio On), Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA (2012) and a show at Il Capricorno, Venice (2012). She has also participated in group exhibitions in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berlin and Beirut. Morton lives and works in Glasgow and Fossombrone, Italy.