Where is the Government Art Collection?

Works of art are displayed in Government buildings throughout the UK and in diplomatic buildings across the world. The small proportion of the Collection that is not out on display at any given time is held at our premises in central London, where our offices are located.

Can I visit the Government Art Collection?

Although we do not have an exhibition space we offer group tours of our central London premises during which visitors are able to see some of the works returned for conservation or awaiting selection. We offer tours three times a month, usually on Wednesdays. Two of these are tours for established groups, which must be pre-booked, and one is a tour for individuals bookable via our website. We also take part in the London Open House event in September. Academics or museum professionals who wish to research particular works can contact us in advance to find out about the availability of the works and possible viewing arrangements.

Can I see works of art in Government buildings?

Some Government buildings do offer tours to the public and many are available to visit during the London Open House weekend. Researchers interested in specific works of art should contact us. A number of our works of art can also be seen on the websites of certain Government buildings.

Do you lend works of art to exhibitions?

Yes. We lend works of art to temporary public exhibitions wherever possible. A small number of GAC works are also on longer term loan to other public collections.

More information about requesting works of art from the GAC is available online.