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artist / PhotographerAnne Hardy (Born 1970)
MediumDiasec-mounted C-type photographic print
ProvenanceMaureen Paley Fine Art, London
Exhibition"Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art", 6/3 - 18/5/2008, Barbican Art Gallery, London.
Dimensionsheight: 129.00 cm, width: 160.20 cm
Edition number4/5
AcquisitionPurchased from Maureen Paley Fine Art, July 2008
LocationPakistan, Islamabad, British High Commission
GAC number18196

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GAC 18688/2


Diasec mounted c-type print


GAC 18696

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'Outpost' is a photograph of a curious, unsettling interior space. It appears to be a wooden shed or laboratory filled with globes, diagrams and cables, In fact, Anne Hardy carefully constructed the space in her studio, using material from DIY shops, skips and jumble sales. The arrangement of things within this unusual space creates a feeling of ambiguity. Are we looking down on the room from above or from the side? The unsettling nature of the image suggests we might be peering at something that is better left unknown. Its visual confusion is an intentional part of Hardy's practice. Although the image is rich in detail, there is no single explanation or 'meaning' as to why they are there.

Anne Hardy graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA in Photography in 2000. In 2004 she had solo exhibitions in Newcastle and Berlin. In 2007 she exhibited her work 'Untitled IV (balloons)' at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and three works at the 52nd International Venice Biennale. Solo exhibitions of her work were held in 2008 in the Bellwether Gallery, New York and at the 'Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art' group exhibition at the Barbican, London.

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