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ArtistGeorge Morland (1763-1804)
EngraverWilliam S Barnard (1774-1849)
Datepublished 21 August 1802
MediumColour mezzotint
PublishedWilliam Barnard, 1 Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square, London, 21 August 1802
AcquisitionPurchased from F B Daniell, February 1953
LocationUK, London, Government Art Collection
GAC number2066

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George Morland

George Morland was born in London, the son of painter, engraver and art dealer Henry Robert Morland. He was apprenticed to his father before studying at the Royal Academy Schools. Morland first exhibited work at the Royal Academy when he was aged about ten and went on to be a regular exhibitor there and at The Society of Artists of Great Britain. In 1780, the first of numerous engravings after his work were published. Morland’s work had a wide appeal and was often copied or even faked. His last years were plagued by excessive drinking, debts and poor health. Although he continued to paint to pay his creditors, the quality of his work declined. He died in a bailiff's lodging-house in Clerkenwell, London, reportedly of a brain fever.