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ArtistJohn Prescott Knight (1803-1881)
Artist / EngraverSamuel William Reynolds (1773-1835)
Title"The Army and Navy"
MediumMezzotint and engraving
Dimensionsheight: 78.00 cm, width: 58.00 cm
PublishedLewis & Johnson, London, 19th century
AcquisitionPurchased from Grosvenor Prints, December 1993
LocationUK, London, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Whitehall
GAC number16815

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The Army and NavyThe Army and Navy

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The Army and NavyThe Army and Navy

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John Prescott Knight

John Prescott Knight, portrait painter, was born in Stafford, son of the comedian Edward Knight. He initially worked as junior clerk for a West India merchant in London before studying drawing with Henry Sass and colouring with George Clint. In 1823, he entered the Royal Academy Schools. He painted several important figures of the Victorian age as well as large group portraits. Many of his works were engraved. In 1831, he married genre painter Clarissa Isabella Hague. He became a member of the Royal Academy in 1844 and later Professor of Perspective at the Academy Schools and Secretary of the Academy. In 1878, he was made a chevalier of the LĂ©gion d'honneur. Knight died in London aged 78 and was buried in Kensal Green cemetery.

Samuel William Reynolds

Samuel William Reynolds was a painter and engraver. Despite publishing his first prints in the mid-1790s, he found himself in debt by 1800 and came to rely upon the financial help of Samuel Whitbread MP. It was under Whitbread’s patronage that Reynolds was able to broaden his interests to include painting, architecture and landscape design. He exhibited paintings at the Royal Academy and British Institution and was also a collector; owning a group of drawings by Thomas Girtin. In 1809 he visited France for the first time and he went on to exhibit engravings at the Paris Salon in 1810 and 1812. Reynolds also worked in Paris on occasion, where he found a market for his paintings of landscapes and cottage scenes.