On Show

Public exhibitions and events where GAC works of art can be seen

On Show

William Roberts in Woking

Grooming Horses, a watercolour by William Roberts, is on show at The Lightbox, Woking

Grooming Horses by William Roberts
On Show

Joan Eardley and Sheila Fell at Ben Uri Gallery, London

The GAC has lent two oil paintings, by Joan Eardley and Sheila Fell to the Ben Uri Gallery

Boy's Head
On Show

William Coldstream in Münster, Germany

Westminster II by William Coldstream is on show at the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in Münster

Westminster II by William Coldstream
On Show

Paul Nash at the British Library

Monster Field, a photograph by Paul Nash, is on display at The British Library

Monster Field by Paul Nash
On Show

Anna Hope Hudson in Gournay sur Marne

A landscape painting by Anna Hope Hudson is lent to L'Académie Eugène Carrière

Harbour, Northern France, Dieppe by Anna Hope Hudson
On Show

Mel Brimfield in Lausanne

Mel Brimfield's sculpture '4' 33" (Prepared Pianola for Roger Bannister)' is on display in Lausanne

4' 33