Museums at Night 2014

Art on Trial: The Tichborne Claimant

You are invited to an event that evokes a famous Victorian trial. Surrounded by courtroom scenes and a painting of the actual trial, learn the fascinating story of the Tichborne Claimant's Trial (1871-72).

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After Lady Tichborne learned that her son's ship had sunk in 1854, she refused to believe Roger Tichborne was dead and made appeals across the world for his return. When a man arrived from Australia claiming to be Roger, she ignored differences in his physical appearance and welcomed her son back. After Lady Tichborne's death her family opposed 'Roger's' claim to her estate, which led to a gripping court case.

The Government Art Collection painting of the trail was made for the Globe Tavern in east London, where two important witnesses were the landlady and her daughter. Learn the fascinating story of this notorious case through images and enjoy a display of works celebrating the history of the British courtroom.