Proposition for an Infinite Garden

Student's show draws parallels between the garden and the museum
Bianca Baroni is a London-based curator currently completing an MFA at Goldsmiths College, University of London. As part of the MFA curating course, Bianca approached the Government Art Collection (GAC) with a proposal to curate an exhibition around the idea of a garden as metaphor for ways of looking at museum and art collections. Borrowing its title from one of Tony Hunt's landscapes in the GAC, Proposition for an Infinite Garden promotes a dialogue between related works in the Collection and the work of two emerging London-based artists – Victoria Jenkins and Matthias Tharang.

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What does Bianca see as the common ground between a museum collection and a garden? 'Both can be seen as having a universal perhaps even immeasurable ambition', she replied. 'The garden gathers and categorizes a vast array of species within a limited space as a way of grasping the complexity of the natural environment, while the museum collects and arranges objects and documents to create an extensive representation of a particular subject of knowledge.'

As the title suggests, most of the works included in the show communicate a tension between a projection towards infinity and the notion of enclosure. Others use surrealistic imagery to address the concept of a hybrid space between an actual site and an imaginary projection. Only a few pieces directly reference the imagery of the garden. As Bianca explains, 'The garden is represented here metaphorically through an intricate twine of exotic clichés, botanical conventions and idealizations of nature that foreground many different gardening models'.

Besides proposing an innovative reading of the Government Art Collection, the project introduces two newly commissioned pieces by Victoria Jenkins and Matthias Tharang that playfully animate the existing selection.

A series of public events and guided tours will run throughout June and July opening this exciting new project to wider public debate (see below).

Prior to completing her MFA, Bianca has worked at Kaufmann Repetto Gallery in Milan, has recently joined the curatorial team at FormContent and collaborates as curatorial consultant with RH Contemporary Art, New York.