• Portrait of Ada Lovelace

    For Ada

    To celebrate this years' Ada Lovelace day we are holding a special evening tour of the Collection

For over 100 years, the UK Government Art Collection has collected works of art to display in British Government buildings around the world, promoting British art and culture.

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Art, Power, Diplomacy

A new book tells the untold story of the Government Art Collection

GAC Book Cover

Real Madrid

Curator Adrian George talks about commissioning some playful work for the Madrid Embassy

Artist Marta Marte beside her work

Earl of Carlisle in Carlisle!

Two paintings by George Howard, ninth Earl of Carlisle are on show at the Tullie House Museum

The Baths of Caracalla, Rome by George James Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle

Focus on women artists

There are about 540 women artists represented in the Collection

Boy's Head


This month's Featured Work is Threshing, Kent, an oil painting by Evelyn Mary Dunbar

Threshing, Kent by Evelyn Mary Dunbar