Featured Work

Featured Work


'Philosophy', a brass sculpture by John Duncan Fergusson, is this month's Featured Work

Philosophy by John Duncan Fergusson
Featured Work


July's Featured Work is 'Marquee' by Dexter Dalwood

Marquee by Dexter Dalwood
Featured Work


June's featured work is work is a recently acquired portrait of Henry VIII by Anglo-Flemish school

King Henry VIII (1491-1547) by unknown, Anglo-Flemish 16th century (Active 1500-1599)
Featured Work


May's Featured Work is 'Natural Selection', a photograph by Karen Knorr

Natural Selection by Karen Knorr
Featured Work


The Featured Work for April is 'The Race (eventually you must join in)', a drawing by David Shrigley

The Race (eventually you must join in) by David Shrigley
Featured Work


'A Visit to the Boarding School', a mezzotint after George Morland is this month's featured work

A Visit to the Boarding School by George Morland
Featured Work


To mark LGBT History Month 2017, this month's featured work is 'True Love BB62' by Michael Petry

True Love BB62 by Michael Petry
Featured Work


January's featured work is The Window, a silk mosaic, by Lucienne Day

The Window by Lucienne Day
Featured Work


Detached, a photograph by Anne Hardy, is December's Featured Work

Detached by Anne Hardy
Featured Work


November's featured work is Hendrik, a painting by Cornelia Baltes

Hendrik by Cornelia Baltes
Featured Work


October's featured work is Every... Bernd and Hilla Becher Gasholder, a lithograph by Idris Khan

Every... Bernd and Hilder Becher Gasholder by Idris Khan
Featured Work


September's featured work is 'The Great Fire of London', after Jan Griffier

The Great Fire of London in the Year 1666 by Jan Griffier Snr